My husband, Matt, helped coin the name “The belly spot.” Whenever I would make one of his favorite meals, usually something involving my homemade tomato sauce, he would always end the meal with a “Thanks, hon. That really hit the spot!”

“What spot?” I’d ask.

And he would always say, “The Belly spot!” and point happily at his full belly.

And so it began.

Today, The Belly Spot is the primary home of Test Kitchen Tuesdays. Started in January of 2009, my Dad and I set out to experiment with new recipes. Dad had retired a few years earlier and I was just starting a freelance graphic design career, so we each could spare one afternoon a week with no problem. With a love of food photography, I enjoy each session as an opportunity to improve both my cooking and shooting skills, as well as, spend a fun day with my Dad.

After over 40 some odd “tests” we’re still cookin’ with these simple rules:
• We only make something we’ve never made before.
• We always make it up as we go along.

Many thanks to family, friends, readers and posters.

And to Mom who is always the first guinea pig.