Holy Humongous Danish!

It has occurred to me that we’ve been doing a lot of baking in the past few test kitchens and after this week’s bout with Danish, I’ll be glad when we head back to savory cooking next week. Baking has never been one of my favorites. It takes too much patience and exact measuring. But it usually yields great rewards and sweet treats so I do my best to muster up my patience and dive in.

With the danish, it could have been the measuring or the waiting (or both) that led to the struggle. We started out with this recipe from allrecipes.com, which was supposed to yield 36 danishes. I had originally suggested we half the recipe thinking that we certainly did not need that many danishes hanging around the house. But Dad has adopted the familiar battle cry from both Matt and his brother Bob, “Go Big or Go Home!”

In the end, it was good that we didn’t half the recipe. Something happened along the way between the rising and the baking of the dough, but these suckers wouldn’t stop growing. Perhaps we added in too much yeast but I measured it twice to be sure. Anyway, what was supposed to be 36 ended up being about 12, with a few being some of THE most enormous danishes I had ever seen.

They started out like this:

And ended up like this!
(I could only fit about three on a standard sized dinner plate)

We filled them with apple or raspberry pie filling, but because of all the butter mixed inside the dough, some of them were too slippery to pinch closed. Many of them busted open inside the oven, exposing the filling.

The saving grace was drizzling them with a quick icing made from milk and confectioner’s sugar. Everything can be saved with icing. Matt worked from home that day and was around to help us with the taste testing. Albeit a little funny-looking, they were sweet and flaky. Not a total flop, but I’m still ready for next week: A white pizza pie with caramelized onions and chicken!